Deksmart Warranty

Deksmart Vinyl Products is proud to offer our customers an industry leading 5 year appearance / 15 year waterproofing warranty. Deksmart's waterproofing warranty protects the home owner from our product failing to perform it's primary function – keeping water out. If the waterproofing performance of the product is compromised during this time due to a manufacturers defect, Deksmart guarantees to repair or replace the affected area. If there is excessive fading or discoloration over and above what would be considered natural aging, Deksmart Vinyl Products protects the customer with product replacement.

When comparing vinyl decking products and warranties, we are confident that you will find that Deksmart Vinyl Products offers a fair, no nonsense warranty that is geared towards builder and homeowner protection. In the world of PVC sundeck membranes, all warranties are not created equal. Many vinyl decking products in today's market have no mention of the appearance of their product during their warranty period, or have varying levels of protection with their warranty depending on the product selected. Some off-shore vinyl decking products carry no warranty at all. Deksmart Vinyl Products is one of the few vinyl decking suppliers in Canada to offer a transferable warranty that covers appearance in conjunction with the "industry standard" waterproofing warranty.

Experience true peace of mind knowing your Deksmart vinyl deck is backed by a comprehensive warranty and manufactured by one of North America's premier PVC flooring suppliers.


Deksmart vinyl decking membranes will get dirty over the lifespan of the product from dirt and foot traffic. To keep your Deksmart vinyl deck surface looking great and maximize it’s lifespan, your deck should be properly cared for and cleaned 3-4 times per year.

General Cleaning

Broom clean the deck surface to remove loose dirt and debris, and use a standard garden hose to wet the deck and allow to sit for a few minutes. Use a warm water solution with mild dish soap and scrub the surface with a bristle push broom to loosen dirty areas. Rinse the deck clean. If there is still dirt in the texture of the membrane, re-wet the section in question with warm tap water and gently re-scrub the membrane with a stiff bristle brush and rinse the area. These steps should remove most forms of dirt. You may need to repeat these steps several times for optimal results.

Pressure Washing

Some pressure washing equipment can be used to clean your Deksmart vinyl decking, however, pressure washers can severely damage vinyl decking membranes when used incorrectly. Do not use a pressure washer rated higher than 2000 psi (14mpa) and always maintain at least 24” (60 cm) between the nozzle of the pressure washer and the vinyl decking membrane.

Snow & Ice

Use a plastic snow shovel to remove snow. De-icing salt products can be used on Deksmart vinyl membranes, however these products are not tested for compatibility and are used at the owners risk and responsibility. Many industrial rock salt products contain harsh chemicals that can harm your Deksmart vinyl. "Organic Kid & Pet Friendly" de-icing products are a better option if ice build up is a problem on your deck. Clean the vinyl decking membrane thoroughly early in the spring to remove any de-icier residue.


Cautions & Warnings
  • Pressure wash parallel to all seams. Do not pressure wash against the seam.
  • Do not drag heavy or sharp objects over your vinyl decking.
  • Wipe up all spills as soon as they occur and clean area thoroughly.
  • BBQ areas should have a mat underneath to protect against grease spills.
  • Vegetative matter such as leaves left in contact with the membrane can be difficult to clean. Remove such items immediately.

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