Advantages & FAQ

Deksmart Vinyl Flooring is an engineered floor covering for exterior use as waterproofing membranes. The membrane is manufactured to exacting standards from state-of-the-art virgin PVC compounds, antifungal agents and U.V. inhibitors. Deksmart Vinyl Floorings come with a factory-applied anti-soiling acrylic top coating, designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Tested Slip Resistance

Deksmart Vinyl Flooring products are embossed to provide a positive slip-resistant walking surface, without being abrasive like some non-slip surfaces. Deksmart has the right amount of emboss to provide a comfortable, yet easy to clean surface.

The Long Waterproofing Solution

The Deksmart Vinyl Flooring system provides for a proven long-term waterproofing solution to new or existing sundecks. Deksmart may be installed in any area where slip-resistance, durability and ease of maintenance are of primary concern. Because Deksmart completely encapsulates the deck area, it eliminates common deck problems such as rotting, warping, or cracking, commonly associated with wood decks.

Going Where Others Fear

Deksmart Vinyl Flooring is manufactured employing maximum antifungal agents, U.V. inhibitors and fire retardants and as such is warranted to stand up to the harshest Northern and Southern climates. Deksmart definitely "outsmarts the weather!"

Deksmart = Systems That Work

Vinyl Flooring systems are fast becoming the standard for sundeck applications, in both new construction and the renovation market. Deksmart offers affordable, low-maintenance products impervious to the effects of Mother Nature. Deksmart is definitely the "Knockout Punch" for your sundeck needs.


What is Deksmart vinyl decking?

Deksmart vinyl decking is a poly-vinyl chloride sheet flooring system designed to waterproof your sundeck, while using attractive color patterns to please the eye.

Why Deksmart?

Deksmart Products is an industry leader in waterproof vinyl decking. With cutting edge products and a dealer network stretching across North America, Deksmart has 100's of years of combined experience in the industry, and is always striving to create better products to help serve our customers.

Who uses Deksmart vinyl decking?

Homeowners, Contractors, Architects, and Envelope Engineers who use Deksmart vinyl decking are always looking for long-term waterproofing solutions. Deksmart vinyl decking is used for anything from single home sundecks, to new construction highrises and everywhere in between.

Is it maintenance free?

All Deksmart vinyls are extremely user friendly in terms of maintenance, requiring only a wash with soap and water once or twice a year.

Is there a warranty?

All Deksmart products are covered by a minimum of a 5 year limited warranty, with a 15 year limited warranty on all Ultra decking products. Peace of mind knowing your products will perform.

How long will Deksmart vinyls last?

A Deksmart surfaced deck can last 15-25 years, depending on location and care of the deck.

Can Deksmart vinyls withstand harsh climate?

Deksmart vinyl products are tested at temperatures ranging from -40° to 80° Celcius to ensure the product can be installed problem free anywhere in North America.

Are Deksmart vinyls tested?

Deksmart vinyl decking is tested to meet the Canadian (CGSB 37.54-95) standards for vinyl roof membranes. We ensure that all our vinyl line is always up to date with all testing required, with quarterly testing done to ensure our product performs properly in the field.

Deksmart - Used in many sundeck designs Used in many sundeck designs
Deksmart - High Class Design Options High Class Design Options
Deksmart - approved by engineers Approved by engineers & architects

Some Quick Facts

  • Credibility knowing that Deksmart has over 20 years in the waterproofing industry.
  • Deksmart Products are maintenance free, requiring just an annual wash with soap and water.
  • All Deksmart vinyl decking products are covered by a 5 year limited warranty, with a 15 year limited warranty on all Ultra decking products.
  • Versatile color choices allow you to find a product that fits your home.
  • Unlike other decking products, Deksmart vinyls stay cool to keep your deck more enjoyable.
  • Installing Deksmart Products will keep the space under your deck dry, for living space or storage.

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