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Since 1992, DekSmart Vinyl Products has had a proud history of being an industry leader in waterproof flooring systems for outdoor patios, walkways and sundecks. DekSmart's factory engineered products offer the best in modern designs and color selections, while being tough enough to stand up to the harshest of North American climates. Whether you are a home owner looking to add some elegance and functionality to your deck, a professional decking contractor looking for a competitive edge, or an architect specifying a single ply roofing membrane, we have the right products for you. Make the informed choice and choose DekSmart Vinyl Products for your outdoor flooring needs.

Our Products

Deksmart Vinyls offer the finest color and pattern selection available, while offering exceptional waterproofing capabilities.  Designed to improve the looks and performance of your outdoor sundeck, Deksmart Vinyl Flooring Systems are fully engineered and tested to conform to the highest of building code standards.


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